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Subtitling Literary Documentaries as a Tool to Foster L2 Learning and Metalinguistic Reflection in University Contexts | Original Article

Jacopo Mosesso*, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Usage of AVT (and especially subtitling and reversed subtitling) has been proven over the last two decades to be an effective tool in L2 language learning. Nonetheless, the main trend in L2 language learning supported by the usage of audiovisual material appears until today to be mostly limited to practices that set the students as “end-users” of subtitles andor – more generally - of translated audiovisual material. In nowadays globalized societies, where the phenomenon of fansubbing is becoming increasingly popular, it becomes comparatively easy to allow students to take an active role in producing subtitles, actively integrating them in the AVT processes. Teaching basic practical techniques and theory of AVT can therefore spark the interest of students in L2 language learning, encouraging metalinguistic reflections and development of actual translation skills. This paper will focus specifically on showing how involving students in the activity of subtitling literary documentaries that have literary texts andor literary authors as a main topic can foster very specific reflections on translation issues and culture-specific reference.