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An Introspective Study of Consumers Perception and Attitude Towards Consumerism |

Soofi Qudsia Nazneen, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


A consumer is a person who buys any goods orhires any service for valuable consideration. The term does not include aperson who obtains goods or services for resale or for any commercial purpose.However, persons who avail goods or services exclusively for the purpose ofearning their livelihood by means of self-employment are considered as ‘consumers’.Consumer must be aware of his rights, raise voice against exploitation and seekredressal of his grievances. Consumers' consciousness determines theeffectiveness of consumerism. The Consumer Protection Act 1986 plays a vitalrole to safeguard the interest of the consumers. In order to utilize this Actto the maximum extent possible thorough awareness about various aspects of theact is essential. In this regard Government, Associations and Consumers shouldcome forward and try to improve the concept of consumerism.