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Deficiencies In Road Safety During Construction |

Anil Kumar Khajuria, Dr. R. K. Khitoliya, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Road safety is the integral part of any highwayconstruction/ upgrading. But it is usually felt that concessionaires Icontractors don't give due attention to the road safety aspect during constructionphase of the highway improvement/ upgrading. It is usual practice thatconcessionaires save the money by avoiding some of the features of road/trafficsafety. The reason may also be attributed to the fact that the road safety workundertaken during construction is not visible and cannot be observed once theconstruction phase is over and road is opened to the traffic, though, all of usknow that traffic safety is a sensitive, engineering as well as social work. Ifeven a single person dies in a road accident, whole family suffers for years tobear that loss.