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Veerendra Singh Attri, Dr. Kalyankar N. V., in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Four out of 10 parents had browsed the Internet anfound information or advice about safer Internet on various websites, and asimilar proportion (36%)  Internet CrimeLitReview/Sommer/LSE/p 91 counted on Internet service providers (ISPs) to getsuch information. This is a report commissioned by 50 attorneys generalfrom the 50 states of the union. It produced a Literature Review of relevantresearch in the field of youth online safety in the United States, whichdocuments what is known and what remains to be studied about the issue and areport from its Technology Advisory Board, reviewing the 40 technologiessubmitted to the Task Force. An interesting feature of the Report is itscritique of research methodologies and the way in which statistics may beabused. “The methodology of a study is its most important quality. The size ofa sample population matters less than how the population was sampled inrelation to the questions being asked. The questions that qualitative studiescan address differ from those that can be addressed quantitatively, but both areequally valid and important.