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Study on Control Mechanism In a Power System In Order to Increase the Efficiency of Power Generation |

Poonam, Dr. Radhey Jha, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Energy management system is the process of monitoring,coordinating and controlling the generation, transmission and distribution ofelectrical energy. The physical plant to be managed includes generating plantsthat produce energy fed through transformers to the HV transmission network(grid), interconnecting generating plants, and load centers. Since transmissionsystems provide negligible energy storage, supply and demand must be balancedby either generation or load. Production is controlled by turbine governors atgenerating plants, and automatic generation control is performed by controlcenter computers remote from generating plants. Load management, sometimescalled demand-side management, extends remote supervision and control to subtransmission and distribution circuits, including control of residential,commercial, and industrial loads. Energy management is performed at controlcenter, typically called system control centers, by computer systems calledenergy management systems /EMS/. Data acquisition and remote control isperformed by SCADA.