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Image Enhancement Approach For Enhancing Image of Digital Cameras By Contrast Variation Method |

Girish Padhan, Dr. Y. P. Singh, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


This article introduces a new image Enhancement approach suitable fordigital cameras. High contrast images are common in the scenes with darkshadows and bright light sources. It is difficult to show the details in bothdark and light proposed to improve the quality of the images. However, most ofthem often get poor results if the images are high contrast and have widedynamic range. This method for enhancing the high-contrast digital cameraimages, which enhances the global brightness and contrast of images whilepreserving details. It is based on a two-scale decomposition of the image intoa base layer, encoding large-scale variations, and a detail layer. The baselayer is obtained using an edge preserving filter that is a weighted average ofthe local neighbourhood samples, where the weights are computed based ontemporal and radiometric distances between the center sample and theneighbouring samples. Only the base layer image is enhanced automatically byusing histogram equalization method, thereby preserving detail. The experimentalresults show the proposed method provides a significant enhancement for thehigh-contrast images and requires no parameter setting. And also in this workprocessing cost reduction when the new approach is followed.