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A Study on Important Aspect of Sport Sociology | Original Article

Sathish B. P.*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Sport is a major component in daily life today. Sport plays a huge role in our everyday life. Sport has became more commercialized and globalize over the past years for an example the world cup has lots of sport company sponsors and supporters. Sport is played as an enjoyable part of peoples leisure time and also people play sports to become fit and healthy. There are many sports to choose from such as soccer, baseball, ice hockey and boxing etc. This gives people a variety of choices to choose from, allowing people to have fun and keep fit. This makes sport a tool for promotion human health. Many researchers have resulted that “common” health issues and diseases for an example obesity, mental illness, diabetes, cancers can be prevented by experiencing a good mount of physical activities. In developing countries sport provide opportunities for health education such as the class “Sport Science”. Sport has many important roles in social change in many places of the world in many aspects.