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Analyzing the Forces of Private Urban Development in India | Original Article

Lalit Kumar*, Dr. Ashok Kumar, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Urbanization as an outcome of economic liberalization together with globalization has prompted the production and promotion of large integrated townships in India. This paper examines various forces for the development of “private sector-led urban development projects” in India. We assert that these include diverse reasons varying from the global, provincial and local scale that can aid to describe the expansion of these mega projects in India. These fast-growing real estate mega-projects have created a huge demand for property in peripheral locations of big cities prompting commoditization and monetization of land. The expansion of large- scale for-profit real estate megaprojects has led to the privatization of urban space. The pragmatic analysis is derived from interviews with town planning officials, urban planning professionals, user groups and developers with relevant published literature in journal articles and books. The expansion of large scale urban integrated mega-projects in India necessitates a multi-scale examination of the interactions between market, state and society. This paper propagates for a more holistic planning approach required for spreading the benefits of large scale private sector-led urban development projects among diverse socio-economic groups.