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A Study of Problems & Prospects of the Farmers In India |

Mr. Dhananjay M. Kshirsagar, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Agricultureis actually fundamentally totally different from market and it performs asignificant part in the economic improvement of any country. Inside brand ofstrike, India’s success will depend on this farming success. There are varioustypes of farming products produced in Asia including Turmeric, Sugarcane, and variousgrains, along with Cigarettes for example. Your advertising of most of thesevillage products generally is usually any intricate course of action. Gardeningadvertising requires many surgical procedures along with operations where themeals along with recyclables shift on the village to the remaining consumers.Agriculture provides things regarding intake along with exports along withproduction groups. The proper advertising program need to be made in an attemptto provide correct pay back or come back to this efforts in the tiller in thedirt. Therefore this researcher is intended to spot the existing along withappearing prospective buyers inside cultivation along with generationassociated with Turmeric inside Pune district along with to investigate thisemanated along with enlarging difficulties inside advertising associated withTurmeric to arrive in proper authentication along with individual rejuvenation.