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The Comparative Analysis of the Hardness of Water of Surface Drinking Water Sources and Underground Drinking Water Sources In Pokhara |

Tarun Kant Jha, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The  chemicalanalysis of the underground boring water of almost of all sources and thesurface river water sources used for drinking water in PokharaSub-metropolitanCity,  were carried out.The characterselected for the finding was the hardness of water of the different sourceswhich is the one of the major drinking water parameter. The samples for thechemical test Mardykhola(river),Ghatekhola(river) and the river source of Fulwari reservoir were selected as surfacedrinking water sources and P.N. campus, Tangbe boring, Eye hospital boring,Manipal boring and Tribeni boring as underground drinking water sources weretaken for  analysis. The chemical testwas done by the EDTA titration method. The comparative hardness was displayedby the different Pi-charts. The river drinking water source of Pokhara is foudin between 94-116mg/l. The boring drinking water source of Pokhara is foud inbetween 80-190 mg/l. The well drinking water source of Pokhara is foud inbetween 20-60 mg/l.