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A Study on Rank Equalities For Idempotent Matrices |

Subhash Singh, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


A square matrix A   over the complexfield C is said to be idempotent if A2=A; said to bean orthogonal projector if it is both idempotent and Hermitian, i.e., A2=A=A*,where A* denotes the conjugate transpose of A. Fromthe similarity theory of matrices, any idempotent matrix A   canbe decomposed as , where Ik isthe identity matrix of order k and k is the rank of A;any orthogonal projector A   can be decomposed as ,where U-1=U*. Idempotent matrices and orthogonalprojectors appear almost everywhere, and have been the objects of many studiesin matrix theory and its applications.