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Studies on some Metal Complexes of Hydrazone Especially With Copper and Nickel |

Nimisha Kiran, Dr. Sheo Satya Prakash, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Complexes of transition metal ions with multidentateorganic ligands have been the subject of intensive research because they notonly have interesting spectral and magnetic properties, but they also possess adiverse spectrum of biological activities. These complexes often possessremarkable and unique spectroscopic, photo physical and electrochemicalproperties, which may be exploited in sensory and diagnostic applications, andthere have been a number of reviews on the utilization of transition metalcomplexes as ion and molecular sensors. Based on the widely diversecoordination environment of the transition metal complexes, and variation inthe identities of the coordinating ligands, synthesis of such complexes withdesired molecular geometry can be realized.