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A Policy Based Secure Routing & File Sharing Mechanismfor Trusted Ad-Hoc Networks | Original Article

S. G. Gollagi*, Basavaraj G. Kumbar, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


To provide proper communication in Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs), wemust ensure that, all the applications running in each node must be controlled by suitablecommunication policies. This ensures fair, secure and trusted communication among the nodes which are participating in the Ad hoc network. To impose policies in MANETS are difficult and challenging because of its lack of infrastructure character. This paperpresents the design and implementationsof a policy based Secure Routing (SR) and File sharing (FS) mechanism for trusted Ad-hoc Networks. In this mechanism, each application has an associated policy. Based on policies associated with application, which allows permission to make communication between nodes. In this paper, we have considered two major policies such as Secure Routing (SR) and File Sharing (FS) for providing fair,secure and trusted communication between the nodes. The secure Routing (SR) policy enforcement makes secure path between the nodes and above this, filesharing (FS) path will establish to share information’slies ineach node. Two nodeswith same application may engage in communication only if both nodes imposesame set of policies. In this way, nodes can form trusted application centric networks. The file sharing policy depends on secure routing policy hence it supports dependable two tier architecture. This increases the trustworthinessof node as well as secure communication to share the information between them.