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Design and Implementation of Street Lighting in Technical Institution campus for Optimum Energy Saving: Case Study | Original Article

Shivanand D. Hirekodi*, B. R. Umarane, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


This paper presents the design of energy efficient street lighting scheme and its implementation to technical institution for optimum energy saving. Even though the more initial cost to implement the plan, considerable amount of energy saving can be obtained by choosing the efficient street lighting plan and energy efficient long life lamps. The design of street lighting scheme includes campus survey, selection of street lighting poles, cross arms and fittings as per manufacturer guidelines for proper illumination and energy efficiency. The optimum energy saving can be achieved by installing high power LED fittings. The designed energy efficient street lighting plan is suggested for technical institution and is implemented. This will help to increase the reliability of the electric supply & considerable amount of savings in electricity charges.