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Development of Fitness and Personality through Yogic Exercises at Secondary School Level | Original Article

Radha P.*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


To develop physical fitness several methods of training are used, in that yoga training is also one of them to improve the fitness and wellness among the children. Yogic exercises are very much essential to maintain a general physical fitness, particularly as it enhances the physical stamina and cardio respiratory endurance. At present secondary school students become increasingly more independent as their daily lives become more complex and diversified, and they begin to make decisions and choices in taking increased responsibility. Quality physical education programmes at high school levels provide student’s conceptual and practical understanding of health related physical fitness and how to maintain a fitness level. In this article the researcher makes an attempt to highlights the importance of yogic exercises development of physical and psychological development among school children. Therefore it is the responsibility of Government, school authorities and physical education teachers to promote physical fitness through yogic exercises for children, because it is the basic requirement for most of the tasks to be undertaken by the children in the their life at adolescent age.