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Experimental Study on Effect of E-Waste on Properties of M30 Grade Concrete | Original Article

Pothoori Prashanth*, G. Srikanth, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Rapid growth of technology, advancement in technical innovations and a high rate of obsolescence in the electronics industry have led to one of the fastest growing Waste streams in the world, called E-waste. Several tones of E-waste need to be disposed per year. Non recycling Waste materials such as E-Waste, fly ash, silica fume etc are posing serious pollution problems to the human and the environment. Use of these materials in cement, concrete and other construction materials helps in getting them utilized. it also helps in reducing the cost of cement, concrete manufacturing and numerous indirect benefits such as reduction in landfill cost, saving in energy, and protecting the environment from possible pollution effect. An experimental study is made on the utilization of E-Waste particles as coarse aggregate in concrete with a percentage replacement ranging from 0% to 30% and 15% of constant fly ash replacement in cement (0%+0%, 5%+15%, 10%+15%, 15%+15%, 20%+15%, 25%+15%, 30%+15%) on strength criteria of M30 grade concrete.