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Study of Superstitious Beliefs among Selected Racket Game Players | Original Article

Manoj Purashwani*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


This Study of Superstitious Beliefs among Selected Racket Game Players was used to assess the behaviour and attitude of sports persons. For this purpose of examine the prevalence of superstitious beliefs among players of racket games, 45 male players of inter-university and state level tournament were randomly selected to serve as subjects. The selected racket games were Table-Tennis, Badminton, and Tennis. The superstitious beliefs and behavior scale was originally prepared by Hans G. Buhramann, B. Brouch and Maxwell K. Zaugg on seven areas containing forty items. On the basis of original scale, a new scale was constructed by consulting various aspects of psychology and sociology. The questionnaire was administered individually to all the subjects. All the subjects had answered the questionnaire separately, without consulting others. To analysis the data, collected by administering the questionnaire to all the subjects in different inter-university competitions and state tournaments, descriptive statistics was used for each selected characteristics and the responses of the questionnaire were analysed in percentage and compared among racket games. The study had revealed that the superstitious beliefs are most common among the players of selected racket games. There was a prevalence of superstitious beliefs among selected racket game players since the responses have showed significant results. The prevalence was believed to be because of myths social customs and traditions and to some extent to supernatural powers among players of racket games. They believe that it gives them strength to perform well. Indian culture with various traditions also helps to add to superstitious beliefs which are common among the population since the time immemorial and also generously reflect in the behaviour of players of racket games.