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The Liaison between Strategic HRM Practices and Revolution in Organizations | Original Article

Appasaheb Shivappa Bannenavar*, Ashutosh Verma, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Human resources are regarded as one of the most important sources of today's firms. Human resources management is more important than other competitive sources because these people use other assets in organization, create competitiveness and realize objectives. Thus firstly, organizations must understand the expectations of their workforce in order to achieve the desired performance. The realization of the expectations of employees will enable the desired behavior of employees in the organization. Some of the desired outcomes of the organization in managing their workforce are: competence, cooperation of employees with managers, cooperation of employees between them, showing the capabilities of employees; motivation, commitment and satisfaction; attitude and presence; employee behaviors. The overall goal of performance management is to create a culture as high performance in which individuals and teams to take responsibility for the continuous improvement of business processes and their skills and contribute in achieving the targets set by managers. In particular, management performance can be expressed as the approximation of individual objectives of employees with organizational objectives provided that employees support the culture of the organization.