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Efficient Research on the Relationship Standard Mining Calculations in Data Mining | Original Article

Sable Nilesh Popat*, Y. P. Singh, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Efficient facts gather from huge databases is a vital task that has to be performed routinely in an extensive variety of applications. The biomedical community requires tools that permit rapid searching of datasets. In our system assists the customers to searches of biomedical records by way of quick finding outcomes of particular interest to the person within the deluge of information and the moving them to the top of the outcomes list. The relations are identified in biomedical datasets is important in the new medical systems. The Naïve Bayes classifier is used to classify the data to extract different relations from the large datasets. In our proposed system it uses machine learning technologies to modify the model to user needs. The Relationship Standard Mining Calculations in Data Mining system is proposed to increase the performance of existing system. The main effect of our proposed work is reducing the time of searching data from a large dataset.