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Victimization of Women in Cyberspace | Original Article

Indumugi C.*, in Shriji Socio-Legal Journal | Law


The world cannot forgo security on the march towards complete privacy, because there is always a need for some degree of surveillance. But, there must be a culture within surveillance, as data has become the equivalent of power.This metadata, in specific, targets women adding to gender-based violence in the community. The female body is constantly scrutinized, making them lose their integrity and body positivity. It can be seen how women have been differentially treated on the internet. Cyberspace has commonly accepted cyber-based gender harassment and tends to trivialize it. Women are targets for censorships because of their gender andthis has led to a patriarchal and sexualized view of the woman’s body. It has paved way to censor certain images of women that normally men are allowed to do, because it seems to go against ‘decency’ policies. This violates women’s freedom of expression, personal liberty and autonomy. Targeted women usually don’t engage in counter speech as the harassers are anonymous and this makes efforts ineffective. Online destruction does not remain confined to the cyberspace it takes the forms of depression and anxiety in real space. Mass surveillance has emerged as a dangerous habit rather than an exceptional measure.