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Uniform Civil Code: One Nation One Code | Original Article

Pooja Mishra*, Aakash Gupta, Hariom Awasthi, in Shriji Socio-Legal Journal | Law


India being a world’s largest democracy is a country of various languages, cultures and religions, which makes it highly diverse. Each of the religion has their own personal laws governing them. Uniform Civil Code means a common code for all religions. The idea of Uniform Civil Code is contained under Article 44 of Indian Constitution under Directive Principles of State Policy however it isn't enforceable by courts. Uniform Civil Code will help to promote unity among the Nation. The research paper aims to analyse the necessity and importance of Uniform Civil Code to bring harmony and togetherness in the society. The paper briefly talks about the meaning of Uniform Civil Code and also the history as well as origin of Uniform Civil Code. The paper further discusses the need for the implementation and the consequences for the non-implementation of Uniform Civil Code. The take of Judiciary has also been provided in the research paper through various judgments regarding Uniform Civil Code. In the end researcher has provided with some suggestions on its side followed by conclusion. The research paper aims to cover all the major aspects in relation to Uniform Civil Code as a progressive step.