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Protection and Recognition of LGBT Community: Equality Safeguard against Travesty of Morality | Original Article

Sagar Agrawal*, Shivam Verma, in Shriji Socio-Legal Journal | Law


The goals in the present circumstances which include good and stable governance, poverty and sustainable development and many more could not be achieved without solving the problem of gender discrimination. Through this paper, we carried out arguments to examine the ethical viewpoint or a taboo ideology in case of LGBT community within various sections of society. The paper’s prime focus is to review the rationale behind the severity of punishment and criminalization of the identical sex private affairs with respect to such community as it possesses a deep concern on their fundamental and human rights. A special focus is also kept towards the rights of LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) community and an analysis and survey of their rights is looked upon to examine it with right to privacy judgement and that of “reading down” concept in the case law of naz foundation and further subsequent case laws and recent developments. Further to conclude, we had also tried to convey and put forward the solutions for the elimination of such discrimination against the LGBT community, and, at the same time, backed up the importance of religious sentiments and pure order of nature. To provide readers with the understanding of equality, sentiments and dignity in respect of such community is the key highlight of the paper.