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Triple Talaq under Muslim Personal Law: A Bane to Gender Justice | Original Article

G. K. Sharma*, in Shriji Socio-Legal Journal | Law


Marriage is an age old social institution born out of patriarchy hence the rules made thereunder are made more favourable to men than women. Women have been given sacrosanct status in almost every religion textually, paradoxically the rules that are actually applied, do not show any relevancy with the religious text. Under Muslim law i.e. Shariat Law, husband can divorce his wife by pronouncing the word ‘talaq, three times and this is triple talaq. This system is really bane to the concept of gender justice.The process of gender justice, broadly speaking covers rights of women against exploitation and victimization. The process of conferment of right on women and their empowerment has come to be recognized as gender justice. Nevertheless, existence of triple talaq is bane to the concept of gender justice. Recent judicial development and legislative move against triple talaq are relief of sigh to the muslim women and must be welcome.