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Study of Perceptions of Coaching Behaviour among Coaches and Athletes | Original Article

Praveen Kr. Singh*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


In the present study and attempt has been made to investigate the perception of coaching behavior among coaches and athletes. The study was confined to coaches of team games namely-soccer, hockey, volleyball individual games i.e. track field, gymnastic judo. Sixty male coaches their four hundred fifty athletes, who qualified for All India Intervarsity Championship of selected games, participated as a subject for this study. A questionnaire, leadership scale for sports (LSS) prepared by Challadurai Saleh was employed for this study. To obtain perception of coaching behavior among coaches athletes, t-test was applied and level of significance chosen was .05. It was concluded that athlete’s perception of their coaches did not correspond to self perceptions of the coaches. Coaches assessed themselves high in democratic behaviour and low in other parameters of coaching behaviour (TI, AB PF) than athletes. Team Game's athletes (Hockey, Soccer and Volleyball) perceived their coaches more in autocratic behavior and social support than athletes of Individual Games. Individual game's athletes (Judo, Track Field and Gymnastic) perceived their coaches more in training and instruction, democratic behavior and rewarding behaviour. Individual games athletes might be more satisfied with their coaches’ behavior.