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Main Routes For the Thermo-Conversion of Biomass into Fuels and Chemicals. Part 2: Gasification Systems |

Ku. Ranjana Seth, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Gasification as a thermo-chemicalprocess is defined and limited to combustion and pyrolysis. The gasification ofbiomass is a thermal treatment, which results in a high production of gaseousproducts and small quantities of char and ash. The solid phase usually presentsa carbon content higher than 76%, which makes it possible to use it directlyfor industrial purposes. The gaseous products can be burned to generate heat orelectricity, or they can potentially be used in the synthesis of liquidtransportation fuels, H2, or chemicals. On the other hand, the liquid phase canbe used as fuel in boilers, gas turbines or diesel engines, both for heat orelectric power generation. However, the main purpose of biomass gasification isthe production of low- or medium heating value gas which can be used as fuelgas in an internal combustion engine for power production. In addition tolimiting applications and often compounding environmental problems, thesetechnologies are an inefficient source of usable energy.