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Study of Morphological Change of River Old Brahmaputra and Its Social Impacts By Remote Sensing |

Muniraja K., in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Old Brahmaputra River is one of themain rivers in Bangladesh. In this study, the part of the old BrahmaputraRiver, offtaking from Jamuna is  locatedunder the district  of  Mymensingh and  partially  under the  district  of Tangail,  Jamalpur, Sherpur andNetrokona. Analyzing the image of part of the old Brahmaputra River amongthe  year 1997  and 2004, it is found  that Significant changed  has been occurred in north east part ofMymensingh sadar upazila and less change is found in the lower part which isclose to the Mymensingh  town  where China Bangladesh Friendship Bridge (ShambhuganjBridge)  has been constructed.Transportation of sediment is the major contributing factor of morphologicalchanges.