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The Impact of Working and Non-Working Mother on Their Child’S Nutritional Status, Academic Performance and Behaviour Pattern |

Seema Mittal, Dr. Kalpana Sharma, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


The research is basedon the studies showing that working mother play a dual role both at home and atthe work place any differently than that of a nonworking mother. So the purposeof the study was to discover if working mothers impact their children,nutritionally, academically and in behavior pattern any differently than thatof a nonworking mother. The objectives of the present study were, to assess theeating pattern of selected sample population, to study the impact on child’snutrition, academic performance and behavior pattern of the selected samplepopulation.  School of Noida, wasselected for the data collection of 100 children, between 7-12 years wereselected. From the 100 samples, 50 children working mother and 50 childrennon-working mother. An interview schedule was prepared for the collection ofthe data. The information on anthropometric measurement of children, foodconsumption pattern, dietary and nutrient intake and information on theiracademic performance and behavior pattern of the samples was collected. Theresult shows that children of working mother have good nutritional status whilewe compare this with non-working mother. This is because to overcome the guiltof remaining out from the home they give their children more of quality timeand make sure that their child eats only the nutritional food apart from junk.Performance of the children of non-working mother in studies was good incomparison to children of working mother the reason behind this is becauseworking mother has less time to devote towards their studies due to their workload visa-versa working mother goes out for their job their command over thelanguage, their presence of mind and socialized skills are good which theydeliver to their children, children of working mother are good in theirlanguage, thinking and social skills as compare to the children of non-workingmother. Behavior pattern is divided into different attributes out them girls ofworking mother are 100% disciplined in comparison to other counter parts thismay be because of mother who bring good environment to their home which girlsgrasp more Working mother (boys) is more aggressive due to absence of theirmother at home which led to use inappropriate language towards other people.Girls of working mother are not at all shy because they look upto their mom,The confidence level of girls of working and non-working mother was more justbecause girls tends to grasp early as compare to boys of working andnon-working mother.