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Relationship of Selected Kinematic Variables With the Performance of Jump Shot Long In Hand Ball |

Mr. Dhirendra Singh Chauhan, Mr. Arun Singh Rathore, Mr. Dharmendra Singh Narwaria, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The purpose of this study was to find out therelationship of selected kinematic variables with the performance of Jump shotlong in hand ball. The study was conducted on eight (N=8) male handball playersand the age ranged between 17 to 23 year of Lakshmibai National University ofPhysical Education. The study was delimited to the following selected linearand angular characteristics. A. Linear Kinematic variables were: a) Height ofCenter of Gravity of Handball players at the moment execution (shot). b) Heightof center of gravity of ball at moment execution (shot).  B. Angular Kinematic variables were: Anklejoints, Knee Joints, Hip Joints, Shoulder Joints, Elbow Joints, and WristJoints. Jump shot long performance as assessed through subjective judgment bypanel of   three experts out of 45maximum points and Measuring angle in nearest degree at selected joints at themoment of execution of Jump shot were the criterion measures for the study. Thevideo-graphy was used, as a technique for recording of jump shot in handball. Astandard handy camera of Sony Company was used to obtain photo sequences ofmovement during the jump shot in sagittal plane by a professional videographer.Finally, the moment of execution of jump shot was the prime concern as per thepurpose of this study. The Pearson’s product moment correlation was used inorder to find out the relationship between selected Kinematics variables withthe performance of handball players in Jump shot long at the 0.05 level ofsignificance.