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Attitude of Inter University Youth Festival Participants Towards Physical Education and Sports |

Mr. Mukesh Narwariya, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Thepurpose of this study was to determine the attitude of participants of youthfestivals towards the physical education and Sports, covering 5 aspect ofphysical education and to find out their opinions (negative or positive) ifany. The total number 600 subject (300 male and 300 female) were selectedrandomly for study from different universities participating in west zoneintervarsity youth festival. Itwas hypothesized that the attitude of participants would not be favorabletowards physical education and Sports. The study was restricted to theparticipants of west zone youth festival participants. Theinvestigator prepared a questionnaire comprising of 30 statements based onphysical education and Sports  andsubject were asked to give their opinion in yes or no. The questionnaire wasdistributed to 600 participants and all 600 % of them returned the completedquestionnaire were received. Descriptive technique of percentage was applied toknow the responses of the participants. The responses had indicated that amajority of the participants of youth festival have a favorable attitudetowards the physical education and Sports.