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Visualization of Future Scope of Sports Psychology In India: Using Delphi Technique |

Dr. Divya Darshan Sharma, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The purpose of the study was to visualise the futurescope of sports psychology in India by using Delphi technique. The subjectsselected for the study was 60 physical educators and coaches teaching sportpsychology in professional institutions of physical education and sports andpsychologist involve in the propagation of sport psychology and the opinion ofthese experts should be subjective to evaluation for assessing of future scopeof sports psychology. In constructionof questionnaire for Delphi study research scholar followed all the standardmethod prescribed for questionnaire construction. The maximum probablequestionnaire items were prepared for each area to elicit relevant informationof crucial importance from which the future scope of sports psychology could beascertained. As a standard method of questionnaire construction to initialtrial run of questionnaire of Delphi was circulated among selected experts.They suggested modification and changes. Based on the consultation with theexperts the final form of the first round of the Delphi questionnaire wasprepared. The questions of the second round questionnaire of Delphi were constructedon the basis of the responses of the first round questionnaire. The secondquestionnaire included first rounds with alternations were required and alsonew questions. Results of the first round were provided along with thequestions, were applicable. The first round and second round of thequestionnaire was mailed the experts along with a stamped, self-addressedenvelope. The Chi-square was used as statistical techniques for the analysis ofdata. The significance of Chi-square was tested at .05 level of confidence.