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Effect of Vinyasa on Static Balance School Going Childern |

Mr. Bhanvar Singh Paalia, Mr. Rajesh Sahu, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


TheObjective of the study was to determine the effects of vinyasa on staticbalance in school going children. The subjects for this study were selectedfrom the Venus public higher secondary school, Gwalior. A total of 40 malesubjects were selected and used as one experimental group (20) and othercontrol group (20). Vinyasa was considered the independent variable and staticbalance was considered the dependent variable. Static balance was measured in Secby bass Stick test. The Pretest posttest randomize group design was used forthis study. Tests were administered before the training program and after thecompletion of the treatment again test were administered. ANCOVA was used tolocate significance effects of vinyasa on static balance in school goingchildren. At 0.05 levels of significance. In relation to static balance effectof vinyasa was found significant.