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Comparative Effects of Training In Different Surfaces on Mental Toughness of Badminton Players |

Gaurav Kushwah, Ankur Singh Saini, Pradeep Asteya, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Theaim of the study was to analyse and compare the effects of training indifferent surfaces on mental toughness of badminton players. The subordinatepurpose of the study was to explore which surface brings maximum changes inmental toughness. The subjects for the study were 33 male students of Badmintonmatch practice group studying in L.N.U.P.E. aged 20.7 ± 2.23. To assess themental toughness, Dr. Alan Goldberg’s mental toughness questionnaire was used.The mean of sand training group was higher than the water training group andcontrol group in rebound ability, pressure tolerance and level of confidencewhereas water training group was higher than sand training group and controlgroup in concentration ability and motivation. To compare the training effectson different surfaces, ANCOVA was calculated and found significant at 0.05level of significance.  As the calculated‘F’values, 8.79 and 6.12 of rebound ability and motivation is greater than thetabulated value at 2, 29 df, scheffes post hoc test was conducted to find outthe mean difference among the group. Results indicated that the water and sandtraining enhances mental toughness but, on only few factors which includerebound ability, pressure tolerance and motivation, but if the duration oftraining and no. of participants increases their might be improvement on otherfactors also.