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Perceptions of Smlg Administrators to Collect Descriptive Data |

Rajesh, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Thisstudy was conducted in three stages and involved an in-depth analysis andreview of the issues which exist for local government administrators withregard to the IT implementation process in their organizations. In stage one—aliterature review was conducted to identify the prevalent issues surroundingthe development of information technology since the early days ofcomputerization and automation. These issues were extremely important in thatthey provide a foundation for current issues. The initial research conducted inthe first stage of the study also included the identification and observationof current trends relating to IT implementation. Specific attention was placedon the public sector and IT applications in local government organizations. Theinformation garnered from this portion of stage one is reflected in theliterature review, description of the issues, and the issues database.