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Kavita, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The first major attempt on excimer formation utilizingthe DBD technology was made by Kogelschatz and his coworkers in 1988 [Eliassonand Kogelschatz, 1988; Eliasson et al., 1988; Kogelschatz, 1990; Gellert andKogelschatz, 1991; Kogelschatz, 1992]. They realized that the excimer knownfrom electron beam experiment can also be formed in silent discharges, if atleast one of the electrodes is made transparent to the excimer formation. Itwas shown that a large number of different excimers can be generated in asimple gas discharge with a DBD. The effect of geometry, different gas mixtureson excimer formation, possibility of obtaining different wavelengths, physicalparameters of micro discharge and reaction kinetics of excimer formation in DBDhave also been investigated. It is possible to excite excimer radiation inVUV/UV or even in the visible range. Spectroscopic investigations wereperformed with these sources. Considering the large number of known excimers,one is led to believe that an efficient radiation source for any desiredspectral range can be developed. Model calculations describing electricalbreakdown and micro discharge formation were also presented [Eliasson and Kogelschatz,1991; Eliasson and Kogelschatz, 1994].