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Creation of an Information Technology Issues Database |

Kusum Lata, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


As stage of this study involved the creation of an ITissues database, which can be found in appendix three. This database wascrafted over the course of a year and a half, the base of its design drew upona series of interviews which consisted of government executives from Federal,State, and Local agencies, available literature, and an extensive analysis ofdiscussions on the world wide web. The initial categorizations for the issueswere derived from a review of the literature pertaining to a number of areascrucial to information technology management, including but not limited tofollowing: general management theory, management of information systems,information systems theory, strategic planning, and systems design. Theoriginal categorization system was structured around seven issue areas based oninterview responses and the initial literature review, ethics and legal issues,architecture—hardware, architecture—software, government records, managementissues, personnel issues, and value issues. For the purposes of this study, thedatabase was modified and expanded to make the information contained moreunderstandable and useable as a future resource for IT issues Material and method.Contributors to the database were asked to give a general categorization to theissue and then to describe it more completely. The responses ranged from veryspecific, technical issues to broader and less well defined ones like“organizational culture.”