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Analysis Addressing the Abstraction of the Motifs and Patterns to Computational Metaphors |

Mukta, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Now days every product designers,manufacturers and inventers designed their products by using the moderntechnologies of computer aided drafting & design. AutoCAD is the mostpopular and common platform for CAD drafting & design services among allother platforms. Due to the emerging growth of CAD, the architects are becomingmore sophisticated by lessening their dependency upon excessive paper drawings.This is resulting enough time saving to concentrate on their core activitiesand business. CAD is not only important in the field of architecture ormechanical engineering sector, but also very crucial in the area of graphicdesign, fashion design, toy design, packaging, computer gaming and movies. Inmost of the above highly sophisticated and fashionable sectors, CAD has beenproven its vitality as an integrated part of digitisation with high clarity aswell as output. CAD is a true asset for architects who are interested to have arobust career in any domain. The CAD system capable of making your work moreeasier and faster by removing the repetitive works, which not only faster thespeed of the work, but also mitigate the stress upon the designer to lot extentdue to repetitive works. Further more CAD system is the effective way forreducing the errors in design & drawings with high accuracy and quick turnaround time. Now days many CAD design & drafting companies are providingcomplete project management to serve the entire residential and commercialdesign need of the architects and engineers.