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Feasibility to Integrate the Part Cad Model into the Cnc Controller to Achieve Autonomous Direct Model-To-Part Manufacturing |

Sudeep Sharma, Dr. B. Kumar, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Now days every product designers, manufacturers andinventers designed their products by using the modern technologies of computeraided drafting & design. AutoCAD is the most popular and common platformfor CAD drafting & design services among all other platforms. Due to theemerging growth of CAD, the architects are becoming more sophisticated bylessening their dependency upon excessive paper drawings. This is resultingenough time saving to concentrate on their core activities and business. CAD isnot only important in the field of architecture or mechanical engineeringsector, but also very crucial in the area of graphic design, fashion design,toy design, packaging, computer gaming and movies. In most of the above highlysophisticated and fashionable sectors, CAD has been proven its vitality as anintegrated part of digitisation with high clarity as well as output. CAD is atrue asset for architects who are interested to have a robust career in anydomain. The CAD system capable of making your work more easier and faster byremoving the repetitive works, which not only faster the speed of the work, butalso mitigate the stress upon the designer to lot extent due to repetitiveworks. Furthermore CAD system is the effective way for reducing the errors indesign & drawings with high accuracy and quick turnaround time. Now daysmany CAD design & drafting companies are providing complete project managementto serve the entire residential and commercial design need of the architectsand engineers.