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A Survey on Different Application of Data Hiding |

Amit Upadhyaya, Dr. Rajesh Pathak, Dimple Jayaswal, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Steganographyis the art of hiding the fact that communication is taking place. The purposeof steganography is covert communication to hide the existence of a messagefrom a third party. Techniques to hide valuable information within seeminglyharmless messages have been widely used for centuries. Typically, their use isappropriate when encryption is not available or not adequate (e.g. whenavailable cryptography is too weak), or simply when it is convenient that noexternal observer can infer that some information is being exchanged. Inthe digital era, new cover mediums for hiding data in communication areconstantly being proposed, from the classical image files (such as bmp, gif,and jpg formats) to audio files(i.e. wav and mp3), text and html documents,emails disguised as spam, TCP/IP packets, executables programs, DNA strands,etc. In this work, we present and analyze on different applications of datahiding. These application are used continuously in digital world i.e. ForensicScience, Games, intelligence bureau and anti counterfeiting and authentication.