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Gamification on Public Transit System Usage |

Naman Pratyush, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Ashuman being has very un-predictable nature. We can’t track what’sin their mind.This Gaming concept will help in drawattention of human and can winthem someexiting rewards without putting extra effort.In this research, we have tried toget data for commuter’s movement in a city by rewarding them some game pointswhich corresponds to some dollar amount and then our focus is to reduce thetraffic in congested region making them to shift to less congested region.Byapplying the principles of gaming in new ways, and making imaginative use ofthe technology available, gamification could be an invaluable tool in the questforfetching the data related to commuters’ movement for a specific region.Onesignificant problem with this model of gamification is that it can reduce theinternal motivation that the user has for the activity, as it replaces internalmotivation with external motivation. If, however, the game design elements canbe made meaningful to the user through information, then internal motivationcan be improved as there is less need to emphasize external rewards.