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Texture-Based Flow Visualization on Isosurfaces from Computational Fluid Dynamics |

Aparna Sharma, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


At the VRVis Research Centerwe collaborate with AVL in order to provide visualization solutions foranalysis of their CFD simulation result data. AVL’s own engineers as well asengineers at industry affiliates use visualization software to analyze andevaluate the results of their automotive design and simulation. For many of theautomotive components that undergo evaluation, there is an ideal pattern offlow the engineers are trying to create. Figure illustrates the swirl motion offluid flow in a combustion chamber from a diesel engine. In order to generateswirl motion, fluid enters the combustion chamber from the intake ports. Lateron in the engine cycle, the kinetic energy associated with this swirl motion isused to generate turbulence for mixing of fresh oxygen into the fluid. The moreturbulence generated, the better the mixture of air and diesel fuel, and thusthe better the combustion itself. Ideally, enough turbulent mixing is generatedsuch that 100% of the fuel is burned.