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Statistical Process Control Tools For Successful Quality Management In Industries |

Mr. Gajjal Shekhar Yadgiri, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Acase study has been carried out to monitor real life data in a Indian manufacturingcompany that specialized in producing steel. Flow process chart wasconstructed, Check Sheets were designed, Pareto Diagram, scatter diagrams,Histograms was used. The vital few problems were identified; it was found thatthe steel tensile strength is the vital few problem and account for 72% of thetotal results of the problems. The principal aim of the project is to trainquality team on how to held an effective Brainstorming session and exploitthese data in cause and effect diagram construction. The major causes ofnonconformities and root causes of the quality problems were specified, andpossible remedies were proposed.