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Chi-Square Analysis of the Preference of Packaged Food on the Basis of Household Income of the Respondents |

Deepti Ahuja, Dr. Sudhir Lamba, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Retail Marketing defined as “individuals or groups, acquiring, using anddisposing of products, services, ideas or experiences” (Arnould, Price &Zinkha, 2004). There are numbers of different theories explaining RetailMarketing (Statt, 1997; Blackwell, Minrard, and Engel, 2006; Chaudhuri, 2006)and a huge amount of literature currently exists (Grunert 2002; Botonaki,Ploymeros, Tsakorodou, & Mattas, 2006; Friese, Wanke, and Plessner, 2006).There are different number of characteristics, which can impact on RetailMarketing Majority of the respondents in the middle-income segments arein both the categories who do packaged food and who do not do. However in theupper income segment, the preference for doing packaged food is more skewed incomparison to their counterparts. The application of chi-square highlightssignificant association between the variables