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The Nutritional Status of School-Age Children By Age and Gender In Urban Slums of Haryana |

Neelam Gupta, Dr. (Mrs.) Bindu Yadav, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Regarding nutritional status,prevalence of stunting (long duration malnutrition) and underweight was foundto be the highest in age group 5-6 yrs and 11-12 yrs respectively whereasmaximum prevalence of wasting (short duration malnutrition) was found in agegroup 7-8 yrs. In all age groups most of malnourished children belonged to theunderweight category. Among boys, 30.7% and 18.1% belonged to wasted and stuntednutritional status. 16.1% of girls belonged to stunted nutritional statusindicating higher prevalence of long duration malnutrition among girls.