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Effect of Motivation on the Performance of Tennis Players |

Vivek, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The purpose of this study was todetermine the effect of motivation on the performance of Tennis players.Motivational methods used were extrinsic reward, social reinforcement by thecoach, goal setting and competition. 25 tennis players of Gwalior District,belonging to the 15 to 21 years age were selected as subjects for this study. The subjects were divided into twoequal groups in experimental and control groups and performance was taken ininitial testing. Along with regular Tennis training, the experimental group wasalso given motivation where as the control group only received Tennis training.For the purpose of comparing the performance means of motivational group withnon motivational group in this study t-ratio was made as an overall test ofsignificance. The t-test was employed for testing the significance at .05 levelof confidence. Analysis of data revealed that therewas significant difference at .05 levels between the pre and post –test scoresof experimental group (8.04) and control group (4.84). Further it also showedthat the post test score of experimental group and control group differsignificantly.