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Study of Different Analog Circuits In Udsm (Ultra Deep-Submicron Cmos) |

Sushil Kumar Gupta, Dr. C. Ram Singla, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Modern and future ultra-deep-submicron (UDSM)technologies introduce several new problems in analog design. Nonlinear outputconductance in combination with reduced voltage gain pose limits in linearityof (feedback) circuits. Gate-leakage mismatch exceeds conventional matchingtoler­ances. Increasing area does not improve matching anymore, except ifhigher power consumption is accepted or if active can­cellation techniques areused. Another issue is the drop in supply voltages. Operating critical parts athigher supply voltages by exploiting combinations of thin- and thick-oxidetransistors can solve this problem. Composite transistors are presented to solvethis problem in a practical way. Practical rules of thumb based on measurementsare derived for the above phenomena.