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Benefits of Involving Domain User In the Knowledge Discovery Process |

Rishu Bhardwaj, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The challenge of performing everything automatically hasdominated the awareness of the researchers and developers of the commercialtools up to the present. However, the knowledge discovery is not meant toexclude the human since the discovered knowledge addresses the human. Insteadof allowing an automated data mining process to iterate in a trial-and-errormanner, a better but largely overlooked way to enhance the knowledge discoveryprocess is to provide a domain expert support through human involvement. Withpotential rewards of human interaction in the data mining process in mind, thework has been accomplished on design and development of several data miningexperiments with human interactivity on medical and other databases. Section10.1 of this chapter concludes the present work briefly whereas section 10.2presents an overview of opportunity of further research work in the area ofhuman interactivity in the process of knowledge discovery in various domains.