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Social Status of Women In Haryana State |

Ritu Mehla, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


There are many barriers for women in Haryana that make it hard for them to get a place in politics and being able to express their rights . What problems – barriers - have the interviewed women expressed? What is it that stops women from being active in panchayats? Custom and norm barriers - politics in Haryana are created mainly for men and even if this thought has started to change, to women in the village, there place is in the house. This is why people in the villages have a hard time accepting women in the Panchayats and the men don’t want to work with them. Several of the women I interviewed talk about non-cooperative male Panchayat members . When women stand up against the pressure and patriarchal bargains they are in many cases subjects to physical violence. One of the interviewed women told me that sometimes violence against women is also used during the election campaign to make them withdraw their applications. This had happened to her. Practical barriers - the women’s lack of time for study is only a small part of the project’s problems. For many it is difficult just to get to the place where the capacity programs are held. Many of the interviewed women also told me that the men in the Panchayats deliberately choose not to tell them when the meetings are held .