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Effect of Mustard Oil and Turmeric Powder on the Adult Mortality and Egg Lying of the Pulse Beetle, Callosobruchus Chinensis (L.) on Stored Chickpea Seeds |

Rupesh Sharma, Renu Devi, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


There were a total of 4 treatments(Mustard oil@ 7.5ml/kg,Turmeric powder @ 3.5g/kg, Mustard oil@ 3.75ml+ Turmeric powder @ 1.75ml/kgseed) replicated thrice. Among all the treatments, mustard oil at 7.5 ml/kgseed gave significantly higher adult pulse beetle mortality as compared tountreated control. Turmeric powder @ 3.5 g/kg seed was least effective whencompared with control after 160 days of storage. All the seed protectantstreatments resulted in significantly lesser number of eggs/500 seeds ascompared to untreated control after 1, 50, 110 and 160 days of storage. Mustardoil at 7.5 ml/kg seed was most effective followed by mustard oil at 3.75 ml/kg+ turmeric powder at 1.75 ml/kg seed as compare to untreated control and intreated seeds there was reduction in the fecundity of pulse beetle up to 160days of storage.