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Studies on Extent of Damage In Chickpea, Cicer Arietinum (L.) Due to Pulse Beetle, Challosobruchus Chinensis (L.) During Different Storage Period |

Rupesh Sharma, Renu Devi, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Chickpea samples were collected from randomly selected200 farmers of 40 villages (10 villages from each 4 zones) during the studyperiod. The collection of sample was done during June-July, 2011 (1st survey),September-October, 2011 (2nd survey) and January-February, 2012 (3rd survey).Thus in the state as a whole, in stored chickpea C. chinensis was the majorinsect pest during storage. The grain damage was rated the highest duringJanuary- February (13.75 %) and lowest during June- July (3.05 %). It was 11.43% during September- October. The loss in weight was 4.7 % during January-February, 3.8 % during September- October and 1.2 % during June- July. Amaximum of 85.0 % surveyed villages had grain damage during September- Octoberand lowest of 66.3 % during June- July. During January- February none of thevillage was found free from insect attack in zone III and IV. The grain damagein the samples, from different farmers ranged 0 – 86.0 % during January-February in weight, in the state.