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Effect of Human Behavior In Sdlc |

Mrs. Ashmeet Kaur, Dr. Ritu Soni, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Successfuloperation of any computer system depends largely on the hardware component,software component and human interface. As human factor plays a major roleinthe development and usage of software, system reliability can never beconsidered in isolation from human factors. Analysis of the softwarereliability is also dependent on the human errors. Errors occurring during thedevelopment of the software have impact of human personality factors. It willhighlight on the errors being caused by the developer and user which may resultin comprising the quality of the software being developed. Thus, humanreliability focuses on the human factors that may affect the quality of theultimate product under development and the ways of improving these errors. Itoutlines key requirements for the human behavior study during SDLC. Suchresearch is helpful for the Human Resource departments of software industry inthe selection of competent candidates, reducing the software cost &development time and improving quality of product as well as process. It willalso help managers of IT industry to select more appropriate team for aparticular project.